Divorce and Financial Remedy

The US/UK tax implications around Divorce can be particularly complex, especially if you both reside in different countries and/or are subject to tax in multiple jurisdictions.

Our team understands Divorce is one of life’s most stressful events, and the emotional fallout is difficult enough to deal with at a time when it is key to divide family assets and wealth in the most optimum way.

When financial matters need to be settled as part of a Divorce and they cannot be resolved through mediation alone, a Financial Remedy Application can be made. This is a procedure to establish the division of money and property between the parties.

Our team is uniquely placed to guide you through the maze of UK and US tax issues around Divorce, helping you to optimise your holistic tax position, whether that is part of an immediate problem such as how to retain property and maintain cash-flow or part of a longer term wealth management and wealth transfer plan.


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