Who is your service provided for?

We offer a full range of services designed for individuals, start-up and smaller businesses, and small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

What services do you provide?

A full range of accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services; advice on taxation, business development and management, company secretarial and management reporting services.

Which areas of London do you operate in?

We have clients from all over London; also in Cambridge, Kent and Essex.

Is my company too small/large for your services?

Your business, no matter what type it is, will never be too small. Our largest clients are now successful multi-million pound businesses who have all retained our services as they have grown.

Will I still have to keep my own records if you act as my accountants?

Usually yes, but it depends on how much of your own bookkeeping you want to do. In any case, we have well-developed electronic archiving systems that we can deploy should this be an issue.

Can you help with my self-assessments, payroll, VAT returns, etc.?

Yes on all of those, and an awful lot more. We are particularly expert in management reporting, but also specialise in compliance, tax advice and planning.

Can you act as my Company Secretary?

Yes, and that’s free for existing clients, along with using our office as your registered address. Doing both is very practical, helping to ensure that our clients’ statutory obligations are reliably fulfilled.

How much are your fees?

We are competitive, and flexible in our pricing. We encourage our clients to sign up to one of our fixed percentage all-inclusive packages, thereby linking our costs directly to their level of turnover. Our clients know exactly what to expect, as we are committed to ensuring that costs are kept to a minimum through efficient working practices and the use of modern technologies.

Will I be charged for an initial meeting or quote?

No, and there’s no obligation.

How long have you been established?

Hansen Sweeney is part of a professional services group that was established in 2001; it is a wholly-owned subsidiary, and has grown steadily as news of our no-nonsense, cost-effective and professional service has travelled around. There are two partners that each bring with them many years of relevant and practical experience.

Can I phone or call in for more information?

Yes, on our new client enquiry freephone number: 0808 178 2086
Please call us so that we can set an appointment to meet, either at our offices or a suitable venue more convenient for you.

Where are your offices located?

We have one office in London (Beaufort Court) and one near Cambridge (Caxton House). Full details and maps are available on our contact page.


London +44 (0)20 7523 5383
Cambridge +44 (0)1954 710212
US +1 267 675 7098