Managed Security

We can manage your security, so you’ll have more time for your core business while remaining protected against network vulnerabilities. We provide effective management, cost-effectiveness and seamless monitoring services for SME businesses.

Incident response

From preparation to containment we help you respond to cybersecurity incidents quickly, and limit the loss. Prevention is ideal but detection is a must. Most companies will get breached but may not detect it. Only those that can will be able to adequately respond.

On-site consulting

We understand that a remote only solution may not suit your organisation, especially since over half of all data breaches can be traced back to negligence, mistakes, or malicious acts on the part of company insiders.

We offer a hybrid solution that combines remote security operations centre (SOC) monitoring with on-site staff.

From implementation to tuning of all security frameworks, from policies to equipment we can ensure that your network security infrastructure is configured to meet your requirements.

Event Monitoring

Compliance requirements mandate event monitoring and log retention. When an attack takes place on your network, often the first…

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

We recognise the difficulty in keeping up with patches for small IT teams. Every day more vulnerabilities are discovered in common…


Providing and managing access in the era of cloud and BYOD has become a challenge. We approach Identity and Access Management…