Expatriate Payroll

Do you have internationally mobile expatriate employees working in the UK or overseas? If yes then our dedicated, highly experienced team offer a fully managed, expatriate payroll service that offers:

  • Appendix 4 applications in respect of short term business visitors in to the UK to obviate the need to operate UK PAYE withholding;
  • Appendix 5 applications for UK employees working overseas and remaining tax resident in the UK to incorporate a foreign tax credit claim via the UK payroll;
  • Shadow payroll operation to the extent the expatriate employee continues to receive compensation in the home country;
  • Inbound and outbound/modified payroll operation (Appendix 6, 7a and 7b) in respect of tax equalized employees;
  • Certificate of Coverage and A1 applications to support the home and host social security position;
  • Payroll health checks to ensure robustness and compliance;
  • Form P11D preparation to report employee benefits correctly;
  • Payroll consultancy on all aspects of expatriate payroll management.

Expatriate payroll can be a complex area in which mistakes can easily lead to inadequate compliance and/or over or under payments to the relevant tax authorities.

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