Phishing Simulations

Phishing attacks are now a common form of Cyber Attack. Criminals are becoming less concerned with targeted attacks, and are spreading their nets wide by using convincing emails that lead users to visit artificial websites, to install ransomware, hand over personal credentials and/or execute malicious code on user devices.

While computers are better defended than ever, with firewalls, malware scanners and automatic updates, convincing a legitimate user of the system to perform a malicious action on your behalf remains a significant threat.

Why do I need a phishing simulation?

Like other cybersecurity threats, phishing attacks can have devastating consequences for a business so it is essential to be able to measure your vulnerability.

Our Phishing Simulation service will test your users against the most common types of phishing attack so you can assess your level of risk and ensure your users are trained to an appropriate level.

We can offer:
  • SMS Phishing
    Targeting your users’ mobile phones with links, contact numbers or messages asking them to perform actions.
  • Corporate Phishing
    Simulated emails that appear to come from ‘inside’ your own organisation, usually from a person of influence, IT department, or a PA.
  • Board Member Phishing
    We target a handful of senior individuals, in a position of influence, with bespoke messages that aim to catch board-members or non-executive director’s off-guard and install spyware on their devices.
  • Ransomware Simulation
    We use a simple, benign application to display a ransomware pop-up on user desktops.
  • Personal Phishing
    These simulations aim to use well-known brands like Amazon, Apple, eBay, Facebook and Dropbox to ask users to confirm a fake transaction, or to update their details.


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