We also help you plan for upcoming changes in your tax position, including planning for tax efficient remittances to the UK, becoming deemed domicile for tax purposes, preparing for retirement and tax planning relating to pensions across multiple jurisdictions and how this interacts with your US tax position to minimise your overall tax costs.

Our services include:

  • UK residence planning
  • Remittance planning
  • Structuring accounts and investment portfolios
  • Taxation of offshore pension schemes including IPPs
  • Taxation of overseas investments, including mutual funds, ETFs, LLCs, S-Corps and investment partnerships
  • Planning around treatment of interests in offshore structures including trusts
  • Availability of UK Investment relief
We offer a free initial consultation (on a confidential basis) to fully understand your specific circumstances. Please contact Steve Healy on 020 7523 5383 or e-mail


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