Share Plan Administration

We know and understand both the benefits and pitfalls of setting-up and operating a share plan for your staff, and have offered share plan services to our clients for many years.

We offer flexibility in what we provide: just consultancy, or a partly-administered or fully outsourced service.

As with all the services we provide, we can cater to our clients every need, focusing on a high level of service while remaining cost-competitive.

We can administer approved and non-approved plans, including:
  • UK Share Incentive Plans (SIP)
  • Enterprise Management Incentive Plans (EMI)
  • Long Term Incentive Plans (LTIP)
  • Deferred Bonus Plans (DBP or DSB)
  • Executive and Company Share Option Plans (ESOP and CSOP)
  • Growth or Joint Ownership Share Plans
  • Nil or Partly Paid Share Plans
Additionally, we can:
  • act as trustees
  • attend to all routine correspondences/li>
  • provide a scalable software platform often necessary for larger plans;
  • reconcile or audit existing share plan data;
If you would like to discuss our share plan services further, please feel free to contact us without obligation.


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Cambridge +44 (0)1954 710212
US +1 267 675 7098