Identity and Access Management

Providing and managing access in the era of cloud and BYOD has become a challenge. We approach Identity and Access Management (“IAM”) from a risk management perspective addressing security requirements while aligning to business needs. Our expert IAM solutions mitigate the risks of overtime excessive accumulation of privileges for users. We protect against intruders who gain access to the account of a user with excessive privileges by logging and management of user identities and their related access permissions.

Disaster recovery solutions

Our disaster recovery solutions are crafted to ensure your business can carry on in the event of any common type of failure such as ransomware, human error or hardware failure in critical infrastructure. We will work with you to create a solution which meets all your business needs and ensures that your core business processes can be recovered as quickly as possible in the event.

Managed Backup

Data backup is the critical element of your of IT infrastructure, yet is also one of the most overlooked. Monitoring and testing on an ongoing basis can be tedious and time consuming for your business. We assess your infrastructure and ensure that all necessary information is consistently backed up accordingly. We manage and proactively monitor the backups providing you the peace of mind.

Recent increases in the use of malware such as ransomware has increased the need for offsite backup. We provide backup solutions to address all your needs.


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